Materials Engraved with a Laser

The use of lasers for engraving has opened the field to many more uses. Traditional hand tools and early engraving machines were limited in scope. Hand tools, such as various knives, Florentine liners, and a steel tool called burin, tear delicate materials and are ineffective on others. Machines use heat and friction to cut the surface of the items being engraved. Anything that burns or melts easily cannot go into the machine.


Laser Engraving Machines


Most materials are suitable for a laser engraver because the laser generates very little heat. It also operates at speeds that eliminate the risk of burning or melting. Multiple laser engraving applications are possible on plastics, paper, acrylics, fabrics, and medical-grade alloys in addition to the glass, wood, and metals that are engraved using other types of engraving machines.


Until recently, laser engraving machines were only available in large commercial and industrial sizes. They are in manufacturing facilities, automotive factories, and industrial plants, among other settings. A desktop model and compact machines are now available and affordable. That has hobbyists, artists, small business owners, and those with an interest in crafts asking the question what can you laser engrave with a laser engraver?




People can try to execute any laser engraving ideas by experimenting with the speed and strength settings on the machine. cnc laser and party invitations, intricate designs on model airplanes, and family crests on unique home decor are a few ideas. Non-profit organizations and small businesses can create logos or lettering on shirts, hats, jackets, and tote bags to use as marketing items or for fundraising purposes.


cnc laser cutting machine who make original blankets, wall hangings, chairs, and garden accessories can produce finished projects faster. Many hobbyists and crafty individuals have turned their favorite activities into second incomes. Some have quit their day jobs to launched E-commerce websites or small local businesses.


The Best of Both


The flexibility to use a wider range of materials expands the reach and creativity of engraving. The precision, the clarity, and the speed with which projects are finished opens up several new possibilities for the industry. Master engravers will continue to design and create exquisite pieces that showcase skill.


Lasers make engraving accessible to regular people who have not studied and practiced traditional engraving techniques for years. Look into the cost and ease of use for desktop models and unlock your inner artist. cnc laser cutting machine are available online and in some hobby and craft stores.


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