Death - Obituary

Misty Armentor Jones Awe, Dr. Fauci is just precious!! I love him. Bless his heart! He is working so hard along side of our Great President. May God keep our entire Task Force safe!!!


Patti Ellen Jobe Thank you, Dr. Fauci for all the sleepless nights and busy days you've spent for our safety. Most of us are grateful for what you're doing! Please forgive Death - Obituary who are rude, and have threatened you! You and others are doing a marvelous job! Please be safe!


Jim Jean Ann Wiggin Good grief!! What is wrong with people? He is just doing his job and trying to help us stay safe and healthy from this deadly virus.


Kevin Terry Why would you do such a thing? The man is standing up to help all Americans!! Very sad person to make such threats to a man helping his country and it's people.Sad day!!


Jenn SQ Who doesn't like Dr Fauci? He's the 79yr old Dr everyone wishes they had as their own physician. Knowledge & common sense, personable & professional.


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Smokinhottballz Tiktok Lindsey Ball Death - Dead : Lindsey Ball Obituary, that is very much adequate Dies from CoronaVirus.
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Jimmy AshJimmy Ash Well I mean they did tell everyone that masks wouldn’t help protect people from the virus. Great thing for me I have common sense and didn’t listen to them. I mean it’s airborne so a mask will help stop you from breathing in droplets. I don’t trust the Government these days sorry


Tina Bulmer HOW RIDICULOUS that we actually have people in our midst that EVIL as to threaten such a lovely man that has given so much. God BLESS and protect him and his all the days of their lives in the all powerful name of Jesus!


Tabby Hamrick I believe this dr is doing the best he can. I also detect he’s a good person. Pray for our Leaders and healers. He is answering questions with straight forward and simple answers. I believe him and the president make a great team to make America better. God bless them and protect them. I think he’s a genuine man.


Death - Obituary are full of hate and evil. They are destroying this country! They have no reason only threats and violence. The leaders in the Democrat party encourage their nutcases to strike!


Masis Nazarian He is in safe hands so many people have been praying for him and GOD loves this nation there are so many people like him and are helping people with a positive thoughts with out fear it's fight against enemy which side are those people


Randy Lail The fear mongering democrats are out in full force. Everything is doom and gloom for you hate filled lunatics.


Solomon May Why the hell would anyone want to hurt him. He and Birx might be the saviors of our country. Both heroes and brilliant if you ask me. Glad he is getting the protection he needs but said he needs it.


Deidre Clifton Payne He should have the highest level of protection available!He's doing an incredible job for ALL Americans...and The World!This is what a real SuperHero looks like! <3


Chris Dyckman The more Dr. Fauci learns about this virus. The more the original predictions aren’t as great as previously believed and the more he agrees with President Trump, his life may be in danger. The Democrats and MSM want this to be as bad as it can be.


Richard Lorenzen Nice to see during a issue that the US is dealing with that people can still not come together but instead still play childish games. All I can say is thanks msnbc, nbc and the like to keeping the divide going when Americans should be coming together.


Death - Obituary had the diphtheria and small pox vaccines, like my grandfather. People are finding out that vaccines containing formaldehyde is shortening peoples lives, formaldehyde has been proven to cause throat, sinus and leukemia’s cancers. Lots of these centurions have stayed away from those regular flu shots. I worked in an active retirement home, the vaccinators always died, got cancers, the ones who didn’t get those vaccines are very healthy and never sick, seem to live forever! Into their late 90s and over 100.


Brandonn Lee Wish we would see more great news like this instead of the constant doom and gloom like what the mainstream media keeps doing. At leaat some of the Fox News programs are reporting the good news that helps give us hope things will return to normal again soon


James Alexander WELL, Wonderful !!!—Now, JUST LIKE HE FOUGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM, Death - Obituary have a guy in NEW YORK who says we will never go back to our lives- YES - CUOMO IS TALKING CRAZY !!!-And should be dis- engaged from running Death - Obituary MOUTH !!!-


Terri Ekstrand-Warekois This is the second vet over 90 from Oregon to survive it...the other guy was 95 and served in Guam during WWII... I think there are probably many factors to play here...this guy lived through the great depression, spanish flu a guinea pig to every vac…See More


Armind Armada We need to open the economy and forget about the democratic hoax. The governor from Texas already said that some old people are willing to die for their grandkids so let’s not waste time!


Fredie Harrell Given the lack of leadership today we are no longer the United States. Each state has to outbid other states for the personal protection and survival of its citizens. For Death - Obituary , its Texas vs 49 other states.


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