Popular Heatless Curl Methods

As a lot as I love and have perfected running a curling iron via my hair to produce a quick-styled head of curls, I can’t help however cower in worry on the scent of burning hair or coming to the realization that I’ve run out of my favorite heat protectant. I have fairly thick, long hair, and keeping it healthy at this length is one of my prime priorities. Enter: heatless curl methods. I’ve tried heatless curling strategies earlier than, mostly in high school or middle school with plastic straws (yikes) or scarves and gown belts. The results had been by no means super nice or long lasting, however a quick search at the moment ends in so many new strategies and ideas.

I used to be mesmerized by the mesh curlers I used to be seeing on TikTok and needed to give the old strategies I used a new try. Many of the videos I watched said to attempt these strategies out on damp, washed hair, but I observed that I bought higher results the dirtier my hair was and it lasted way longer.

Under, I embarked on a journey of trial and error, tears, frustration, success, and triumph. Observe along to see what curl methods worked finest for me and what I'd advocate most.

I did half of my whole head with these before I realized that I had a complete different half of my hair left and no more curlers. Oops! These mesh curlers have been definitely not thick-hair-friendly. I had to use extremely small strands of hair to thread through. With the hook that got here with the set, you thread your hair by means of the curlers and pull through for them to sit neatly within the mesh. It took a little tinkering, but it was simple to catch on after a few tries. I ended up braiding the remaining hair that was disregarded of the curlers. I also had to double up because the curlers have been too brief for my long strands (that’s on me although).

These weren’t very comfortable to sleep in, but compared to the opposite curlers I used, they were only slightly better. The results had been underwhelming, which disenchanted me because I was most excited to make use of these curlers. Some strands of hair seemed more crimped than others, although I put all of them on the same. If you wish to achieve this look, I’d counsel just braiding your hair and sleeping in it overnight instead of utilizing this technique (a single dutch braid and some hairspray is my personal favorite). However, if your hair is finer or shorter (as opposed to thicker or longer), I do think this method could be a bit more profitable and fun to explore.

I cried when attempting to figure these out. I used to be so excited to attempt these after they came in the mail, however it took me a number of days and relyless hours into the night. However they did come in a cute clear carrying case adorned with tropical flowers, and I’m a sucker for cute packaging.

Initially, I hooked a bit of hair on the high of my head to the hook that came with the curlers. Yes, a hook! You needed a hook to essentially thread your hair by way of the hollow curlers. It was not easy to understand, at the very least for me. I discovered quickly that the more hair you used in your strand, the less it works, as all your hair will get bunched up and stuck halfway through the tube. This was a significant subject because I have numerous hair. If I had to use extraordinarily tiny strands of hair, I knew I used to be going to have to make use of an extreme number of curlers. However nevertheless, I dove right in.

One other one among my initial points was that after I pulled my hair by the roller, it literally felt like I was being scalped. Finally, after an evening’s rest and multiple movies sent to my finest mates stuffed with tears and deep-breathing workout routines, I dove back in. I wet my hair a bit and put some go away-in conditioner in to make it simpler to work with. Instead of just hooking my hair in all willy-nilly, I twisted the basis and hooked the twisted piece on the top of my head within the hook, then threaded the strand through horizontally instead of vertically. It worked! It took me half-hour to do one half of my head and 10 to do the opposite after I obtained the dangle of it. I had maybe 30 curlers in my head at least.

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