Benefits Of Utilizing Geyserwise Products

Geyserwise is a trusted firm in South Africa, involved within the development and manufacturing of units which are distributed throughout the country. Founded in 2004, Geyserwise responded to an excellent want in the market to handle electricity consumption regarding household geysers.

Following its institution, Geyserwise started developing and testing units in 2005 and in partnership with the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, these units advanced into Geyserwise Max.

The product range that Geyserwise affords consumers are spread across the following:

Geyserwise Max
Geyserwise TSE
Geyserwise Probe Extension
Geyserwise Display Extension
Geyserwise WIFI
Geyserwise Solar PV Conversion Kits
& many more.
Every of those modern and advanced products work to serve, and exceed, the distinctive wants of consumers in South Africa.

Benefits of utilizing Geyserwise
Flexibility and Convenience
The distinctive designs of all Geyserwise products enables the user to manage and handle their electricity utilization with the touch of a button. Products have programmable timers as well as totally adjustable temperature settings.

Steady Innovation
With advances in technology as well as the wants of consumers changing, Geyserwise constantly analysis the energy consumptions across quite a lot of residential and commercial users. This allows Geyserwise to determine any opportunities in reducing and improving efficiencies in applications.

Trusted and Award-Successful
In 2010, Geyserwise won the residential class in the ETA Awards – which is an initiative to reward Energy Effectivity, implemented by Eskom. With Geyserwise, there's an elevated level of awareness relating to energy efficiency as well as behavioural changes among users.

Range of Products to Select From
Geyserwise provides its consumers with a wide range of products to choose from. Each product has been specifically designed and manufactured with different energy needs and objectives in mind. These products can be utilized in either residential and/or commercial applications and in addition, each takes one of the best advantage from an energy and economical level of view.

The products that Geyserwise affords have been tested by SABS Commercial (Pty) Ltd by way of the related and applicable standards, which further guarantees customer satisfaction.

Distributed throughout South Africa
By partnering with Livestainable, (an eco-online ecommerce store) Geyserwise products are easily accessible wherever is South Africa.

Price Financial savings
With Geyserwise, consumers can save up to 20% on their electricity bill. In addition to this, consumers can get monetary savings by the next ways:

The ability to detect water pipe leaks in advance and earlier than they'll cause damage
The ability to detect scale build-up in the geyser in addition to some other points that aren't typically detectible.
Prevention of overheating and several other other common issues faced with most geysers.
Geyserwise products might be programmed to automatically switch off when they don't seem to be in use.

ther benefits
Geyserwise products can detect problems in the water system early to ensure that water shouldn't be wasted and that any damage to the system might be prevented.
Advanced and innovative technology which is value-efficient and might be put in by any certified electrician.
The ability to adjust several capabilities and to control and program completely different timers.

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