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Most singing academics agree that each women and men have "head voice" as part of their sound. This term applies to the way the vocal cords vibrate and work when we sing high notes. I will go into the mechanics of the vocal cords in one other article and in my courses, but for now let's just understand that two strips of membrane in our larynx (adam's apple) we call vocal cords vibrate in opposition to one another, turning air from our lungs into sound. For decrease sounds (the chest voice) the complete length or the cords is used for the action. Since higher sounds require smaller, shorter or thinner vibrations (think how a harp looks) the vocal cords must change in shape and dimension with the intention to make high notes.

As we sing higher notes our two vocal cords move closer together and begin to do what is called the "zipper effect". Higher notes require a smaller opening for the air to go through, so a small miracle happens as the twine begin to "zip" up, leaving a smaller and smaller opening. (Think of what a clothing zipper looks like as it zips up.)

So, whenever you think about it, it ought to take less air pressure to sing the high notes than the low ones, and it does. For low notes there's a big opening between the cords where you may pass lots of air by way of without a variety of stress. And the high notes require a smaller opening between the cords. This smaller opening allows less air to pass by without stress. Once we try to push an excessive amount of air pressure (quantity) by the cords for higher notes we cause them to work too hard resisting the extra air. This produces an excessively-fat, amateurish sound which sounds forced and difficult.

After we sing higher we "feel" we should work harder to get those notes out. Actually, we need to back off some, really feel the sound higher in our head, letting it thin like the higher notes of the piano or guitar.

Try singing a sweeping continuous "ah" or "uh" vowel, starting at your lowest note and "sweeping" or sliding the continual sound as much as your highest notes. Discover that you will probably attain some extent when it appears you can go no higher. Lighten your sound there and start to let it thin and really feel higher in your head. Guys, if you go into the falsetto that is OK for now. Let you voice do what it needs to do. Girls you may probably have to move into your head voice at some point. That is ok. Just keep going, making an attempt not to strain.

Do this train usually, listening to how the higher notes feel. Are you pushing and straining, or are you just letting it sweep on up?

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