Top 10 Important Points For Quality When Buying From China

It's lead paint on a children's giveaway toy. It's a computer mouse that may severely shock the user. It seems that each new day brings a wave of product recalls and safety alerts in regard to product coming from China. Promotional product importers and distributers are just as prone as retailers to the disastrous impact on business and popularity that distributing a dangerous product will bring. As more of us in the promotional product trade deal with China suppliers each day, the following strategies can serve as a guide to making sure you receive only the highest quality product from overseas.

10. Know Who You are Working With - Whenever you're buying product from China it's typically hard to inform in case you are working with a factory, a trading firm, or something in between. When it comes to product and quality issues it is key that you just know exactly who you're working with, and that the relationship is transparent to all parties. In case you are not working with the factory directly and the provider cannot provide you satisfactory answers in regards to the product, then they are inhibiting the sourcing process for you and you need to reconsider the relationship. Should you're having a troublesome time putting your finger on who you are working with you should contact an organization specializing in China Provider Verification.

9. Keep Emails Quick, Sweet and to the Point - I've nice respect for how much English the local Chinese workers makes use of having never lived in an English-speaking country. However, from my expertise doing business in China for over 7 years, I will inform you that your China-primarily based supplier most likely understands only about 50% of what you write in emails. Keep this in mind the next time you start an extended-winded clarification or suggestion to an overseas supplier. English just isn't this particular person's first language. Keep your emails simple and your directions clear.

8. Paying Chinese Suppliers - Wire Transfer (W/T) or Letter of Credit (L/C)? - Having a safe and well-communicated payment arrangement in place before you place your order is helpful to both parties and one of many parameters to a relationship that encourages quality. Unless you will have a long-standing relationship and trust with your supplier, then L/C ought to always be your desirered method of payment. If you have not used a L/C before then contact your bank's enterprise department for assistance.

7. Save Cash and Headaches with a 3rd party Quality Check ("QC") - Working with a 3rd party QC company in China means that you can draw on the experience of firms whose whole mission is to ensure a products quality meets certain standards. These corporations provide providers equivalent to product inspection, factory auditing, and lab testing. The service is usually available at a fixed rate which can supply a terrific value relative to the total cost of your purchase (approximately $350 to examine a shipment of products). The most well known corporations in China that provide QC services are InTouch Companies, Bureau Veritas, and Intertek Testing.

6. Confirm you Production Schedule - Do not Get Bumped! - Receiving your order from China on time is just as important as receiving the precise product. Chinese factories are infamous for bumping less vital (to them) production when a more profitable order comes in the door. Points with quality are more likely to happen on account of the supplier rushing to catch up on the schedule that they promised you. So, make positive you're asking the suitable questions and getting answers in email. These questions include: a) When will production start? Be 50% carried out? Complete? Ship out? (Confirm that these milestones are being reached) b) Have all the raw materials for this order already arrived on the factory? How about all the packaging supplies?

5. Don't be Afraid of the Phone - You may only talk so much with email. When going back and forth with an overseas provider does it typically appear like they're just not "getting it"? The time difference could be a pain, however do not let that stop you from arranging a phone conference with your supplier overseas. On-line telephony similar to Skype, which almost everyone in China is acquainted with, makes it simple and free for you to talk with contacts in China. Although this might not work for a supplier with low level English speaking capability, I recommend by no means placing an order in case you have not had at least one phone conversation.

4. Verify Raw Materials or Risk Everything - It's absolutely integral to the quality of your product that you know exactly what supplies are getting used, and request documentation from the provider that the materials are safe. The US continues to see recall after recall of products that have been manufactured with sub-normal materials. For example, if the item you are shopping for is white plastic, one ought to ensure that white plastic meets common flammability standards. If the item is likely to return involved with meals, be certain that it is of meals grade. You need to assume that the factory you're shopping for from in China will use the most affordable supplies potential unless you specify differently. Insist that your supplier provide you with written verification. The FDA and other US organizations have laws on which plastics, metals and other supplies can safely be distributed. If your provider cannot confirm this then contact a third party QC company for guidance.

3. Samples Are Worth a Thousand Photos - When working with China you must insist on getting samples as typically as possible. Don't settle for excuses unless there is a critical obstacle (i.e. no current mold). Make positive to label and store these samples properly, and each time you receive a new pattern evaluate it carefully with the last one you received. By no means confirm to a factory in China that production can go forward till you approve a pre-production sample. You will be able to catch an important number of quality issues before they occur just by placing this process in place.

2. Do not Expect, Inspect! - Just about the easiest, least expensive, and most effective way to remove quality issues with your China-made product is to have it inspected BEFORE it leaves the factory in China. The best way to arrange such an inspection is with a 3rd party QC firm (talked about above in 7), however it may additionally be arranged with your own employees in Asia, or that of your agent. You need to insist on seeing an inspection report in English (together with photographs) that documents the process.

1. Product QC Checklist - Poor communication in the course of the ordering process is by far the root cause of most quality issues with China-primarily based suppliers. One positive-fire way to dramatically improve this communication is with a Product QC Checklist. The QC Checklist is a a number of page doc that details in writing all of the necessary elements of the items you're buying. It's best created with the assistance of a third party QC company who specifically provides this service, but you possibly can create a simple and efficient one on your own by following the factors below.

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