Bed Bugs - How Do They See?

Although bed bugs love feeding on human blood they do not have eyes that see like human beings. These parasitic creatures have what's called a compound eye structure. It is thought that they don't see in coloration, that they visualize in black and white.

A bed bugs eye is made up of hundreds of eye lenses called aspects that fit together in a hexagon structure. An easy way to picture what this insects eye looks like is to think of a bee honey comb in a conical shape and not flat. It is like a soccer ball, but on a smaller, more complex level. The individual sides encompass two lenses, one on the surface and one on the inside. The bed bugs twin lens eye structure allows it to see in 3-D. All of those aspects fitted collectively construct the parasites eye. These aspects are linked to tubes that focus light down a central construction called the rhabdome. The rhabdome is light sensitive and directs the data by way of an optic nerve to the bugs brain.

Every individual side in the bed bugs eye sends a special image to it's brain. When all these pictures are processed and put collectively a mosaic is created. This three-D mosaic is how the bed bug can see it's human host. It's not known if, because the bed bug moves, the image it sees updates on a whole or takes micro-seconds for every lens to update the visual information. If this parasitic insect's vision updates lens by lens then it would see a consistently updating picture. This view would kind of be like looking via a kaleidoscope with three-D glasses on.

Bed bugs come out at night time or in the dark to feed on their human hosts for a few reasons. One reason is because at night time, when you're in your bed sleeping, you won't really feel them crawling on you and biting you. One other reason could possibly be that these blood suckers have light sensitive eyes that enable them to see higher within the dark. These compound eyes also can pick up a heat signature of the human body. This is why the most importantity of bed bug bites happen on the middle of mass part of your body. Your heat signature is warmer on your torso, legs, and arms than it is in your fingers and toes.

People could have colour vision that updates constantly the place as bed bugs compound eyes see in black and white. Their eyes additionally don't continually update the total picture directly, however they will see very well to do the job they're best at. That job is to find a human host in which to feed off of their blood.

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